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If you are considering a computerized system to help you take control of your inventory management process, Data ID has a system that will meet your needs, is easy to implement and available at a price you can afford! TigerEYES Fixed Asset Election Manager© is the affordable management system designed with county, state and general elections in mind. With an intuitive interface, TigerEYES Fixed Asset Election Manager© is easy to master -- no time consuming or expensive training. Targeted towards the needs of temporary or part-time users with limited training.

Best of all, TigerEYES™ maintains a history of each location where an item has been. Use to identify equipment with recurring problems that have been moved from place to place. Its multi-user design allows data input and display simultaneously from multiple computers.

Data ID specializes in fixed asset management software and services. Our expert consultants operate worldwide, able to assist in every aspect of fixed asset management. A range of Solutions from the undisputed leader in fixed asset management software.

You need the #1 Fixed Asset Management Software in the industry - TigerEYES Fixed Asset Election Manager©

The Data ID TigerEYES Fixed Asset Election Manager© program is designed to record inventory and transfer transactions. Take inventories at intervals and identify missing equipment or new items not properly entered in the database This information is collected on handheld units and stored in a desktop database.

When it's time to take an inventory, Data ID TigerEYES Fixed Asset Election Manager© makes the task fast and easy -- even for inexperienced users. We combine time tested data collection techniques and critically acclaimed PalmPilot® ease of use in our handheld software.


Combine the two with the one-touch HotSync® mechanism used to transfer data between your desktop and the portable reader for revolutionary ease of use.

  • Bar Code scanning for asset entry and tracking
  • Tracks asset historical data
  • Detects duplicate asset entries
  • Automated processes reduce data-entry time while improving accuracy.
  • Time and date stamping of transactions helps increase data accuracy.
  • Variable security levels allow you to restrict user access to match your security needs.
  • Easily accessible data allows users to review asset information in the field.
  • Simple 4-step process to record asset transfers allows users to enter data quickly and efficiently.
  • Inventory transactions can be recorded in only 2 steps!
  • Automated data transfer between the desktop database and handheld units keeps data current on both
System Requirements
  • IBM Compatible Pentium class or greater processor
  • Windows 2000, XP
  • Windows NT, 64MB RAM (64MB recommended)
  • 28MB available hard drive space
  • Available serial port
  • Microsoft Access
Hardware Specifications
  • Palm OS platform
  • 8 MB RAM (est. capacity of ~7500+ asset records)
  • Motorola 68325 Dragonball processor
  • Symbol's state-of-the-art SE 900 scan engine
  • 1 week regular scanning on 2 AAA batteries
  • 5.5"/14 cm high, 5.5 oz./150g
  • 9 month manufacturer's hardware warranty
Data Collection
  • The Data ID suite of products provide a Symbol Technologies SPT based set of software solutions for many of your data collection needs. The software is designed to operate in standard PC environments and can be easily customized to meet specific requirements.
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