When you look to the future of Records Management what do you see?

TigerEYES Document Tracker©

TigerEYES Document Tracker© A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE. We understand the document management needs of a variety of clients including doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and insurance agencies, banks, credit unions, investment firms, government agencies, manufacturing and industry. We particularly understand the document management requirements of those firms that have adopted ISO 9000 standards. We can tailor a document management solution to fit the needs of any organization. On April 14, 2003 the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA, went into effect. This act has an impact on the handling of patient information.
What would it mean to your organization if you could know where your files are,
where they have been, and where they need to be in the future?

Our software can help you to reduce the number of lost files and greatly increase the speed of file location; those are the goals. And Data ID Systems can help you attain those objectives with a file/document tracking software system that is easy to set up, based on a windows operating system, and allows a number of search fields, file identifiers, and requester information reports. Stop wasting your time searching for lost files. Information that you can't locate may as well not exist.

Track the location of your files quickly and precisely.
Track the location of your documents as they go in and out of your file room using the latest in bar coding technologies. The clock won't stop while you're searching for a lost file. When you use our software you will instantly find the information you need. File control is real! TigerEYES™ improves the management of important document files in industries like insurance, medical and legal where the loss of such files can cause severe problems and expenses. That's why we've developed a system that gives you control of your critical information. TigerEYES™ improves the tracking of documents so that files can be more quickly located and document workflow more easily tracked. Delivering the right information to the right person at the right time.
TigerEYES Document Tracker© uses bar codes and a powerful database system to track the movement and locations of vital documents. By putting bar code labels on file folders and documents, the number of lost records is greatly reduced. Each document is added to the item database and important information is recorded. Once part of the database, every action on each document can be recorded simply by using a scanner attached to the keyboard or a hand-held bar code scanner and input device. Tracking your files has never been this easy or affordable.
Feature Rich
  • "Plug and Play" installation
  • Easily configured to your exact needs
  • Prominently displays current location of files
  • Robust search capabilities on all fields
  • Reports to help you manage your file system
  • Creates audit trails, wait lists, and many other reports
  • Allows user to reserve files on specific dates
  • User permissions and passwords
  • Imports data
  • Single or multi-user setup
  • Built with Microsoft technology
  • This File Tracking Solution is powerful, clear and easy to use
  • Your ROI will be realized in a few short months
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