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A Revolution in Electronic Voter Terminal Tracking
  • Are you struggling to manage a growing inventory of voter terminals?
  • Spending too much time trying to find Results Cartridges?
  • Want to Save Time, Improve Accuracy, Reduce Costs?

TigerEYES Fixed Asset Election Manager© is a customized system for county, state and general election night tracking. Locating Results Cartridges becomes an easy task with TigerEYES™. If all precinct cartridges are not delivered, TigerEYES™ alerts the Supervisor for further action. Specific features allow control of how and where items are stored, programmed, loaded on delivery trucks, delivered and verified to be at the proper locations. The system allows management of all equipment, including Results Cartridges to insure they are programmed for specific polling places, inserted into the proper voting terminal and ultimately delivered to the correct polling place.

TigerEYES Document Tracker©See the many ways TigerEYES Fixed Asset Election Manager© "Powerful Intelligent Reconciliation Tools" will help you!

  • Election night tracking
  • Seal Tracking
  • Instant status
  • Error detection
  • Multi-level assembly tracking

Solid election night processing. Specific capabilities to track the return of Results Cartridges to collection centers. Allows display of progress during the early returns period and then shows the current location of specific cartridges that have not yet been returned. Checks for missing cartridges as they are moved from one location to the next .

Instant status. Provides status throughout the entire election preparation process to show the number of items at various preparation points as well as delivery completion to the polling locations.

Error Detection. Each movement of an item is checked to insure the item is placed in the correct storage location or assembled into the correct next level assembly (i.e. memory cartridge into a voting machine).

Get A Handle On Your Assets!

Multi-level assembly tracking. Items may be assembled together and moved as a group by scanning one barcode. For example, Results Cartridges and Audio Units assembled into voting machines and these voting machines loaded onto a particular delivery cart. Then the present location of all cartridges, audio units and voting machines may be updated simply by scanning the barcode of the delivery cart. VALIDATED INFORMATION FOR BETTER BUSINESS DECISIONS.

For example, at the warehouse, scan a truck ID and scan a cart barcode to load all machines and components on that truck. At delivery, a truck driver picks a delivery location, scans the cart barcode and everything on that cart is now updated to show its present location as being this delivery location.

Track equipment returns. Following the election, manage the equipment collection process. Alert workers during the pickup process when all items have not been collected from the current location. Track missing equipment at the completion of returns at the warehouse

Data ID TigerEYES Fixed Asset Election Manager© allows users to take inventory of assets or record asset transfer information with a minimal amount of data-entry. Asset data is stored on the handheld unit to allow the program to fill in data for the user: The user can also review asset information from the handheld unit to ensure that no asset gets overlooked. Data ID TigerEYES Fixed Asset Election Manager© is an effective tool for monitoring locations of your Results Cartridges and other supplies. Remember when it's time to track your activities, Data ID TigerEYES Fixed Asset Election Manager© provides a new, easy, and cost-effective solution for managing the process.

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