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2000 Series Easy-Scanner

Network Data Collection Terminal


The new Model 2014 Network Terminal from Data ID Systems is part of an RS-485 multi-drop network that offers simplicity for bar code data collection. The 2014D has a 2 x 24 character display and 20-key keypad that shifts to 54 functions. The basic Model 2014A has scanner input only and saves the cost of display and keypad. Both terminals offer dual scanner input, 3-track magnetic stripe reading, and RS-232 auxiliary device support.

Simple as can be, at the heart of the network is the Model 2014 Multiplexor. This multiplexor communicates with any RS-232 host on one side while controlling up to 31 Caere RS-485 terminals on the other side. Each terminal has a unique ID and can display prompts and messages from the host.

Model Numbers


The flash-ROM user-programmable terminals come equipped with Advanced Data Editing, which features over 90 programming commands to perfectly edit the scanned or keyed data before it is transmitted onto the network.

Each terminal also has the ability to drive a relay. Via host or local control, the terminals can activate lights, bells, motors, or even buzz doors open!

The 2000 Series network is the easiest way to add hardware to your custom time and attendance, access control, or shop floor data collection application software. Data ID Systems also carries a full line of scanners, ranging from high performance laser scanners to low cost and durable bar code badge readers.

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