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Data ID has earned a reputation for reliable, top-quality solutions and products. But even the best built products need servicing from time to time. That's why we've developed a comprehensive service plan for customers who can't afford to have their systems out of service. You'll get fast service and quick resolution of problems from highly-skilled Data ID technicians.

And, you'll discover a cost-efficient way to ensure continued operation of your equipment.

Out-of-warranty Data ID Service.
When equipment fails, we know you need it back in a rush. Data ID Quik-Turn Depot provides for quick repair and return of covered products, typically in just 3 to 5 days for repair orders of 10 units or less. No other repair service comes close. Our experienced technicians perform all the necessary service and repairs. They test components before and after service, and verify that all repaired products are working to specification.
Quik-Turn Depot®
Data ID's depot repair service for out-of-warranty products for authorized business accounts includes 3 to 5 day turnaround on repair orders of 10 units or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do I call to initiate a repair?
A: Corporate and business customers contact the Data ID customer service repair center at (408) 371-5764.

Q: What does Data ID charge for repairs?
A: Out-of-warranty repair cost varies per product. Call the service center for an estimate.

Q: Who do I call for a status on repairs?
A: For inquiry on a repair, contact the repair center representative at (408) 371-5764.

Q: How do I package the units to be sent in for repairs?
A: Properly package all products individually. Data ID Systems is not responsible for product damage if improperly packaged. Address the mailing label according to the information given by the Quik-Turn Depot. To prevent delays on the repair of your product, clearly state the repair order number on the outside of the box.

Q: Does Data ID warranty their labor?
A: Data ID tests all products before and after repairs and verifies the product is working as specified. Data ID warranties all repairs for 30 days. The Quik-Turn Depot should be contacted to report any problems.

Q: Will I be charged if nothing is found wrong with the product?
A: All products received by Data ID go through a series of diagnostic tests and cleaning cycles that ensures functionality of the equipment. Data ID notifies customers of no problems found and a flat rate of $85 per unit is charged.

Our economically priced extended warranties. Epson ExtendedCare provides products with multi-year limited warranty coverage.

A cost-effective solution to your service needs.

Because Epson products remain in service for many years, you want service coverage to last just as long. That's why we offer the cost-effective Epson ExtendedCare plan, which provides continuous repair coverage – at a fixed annual price. Epson ExtendedCare two year pricing can save you up to 40% on the second year!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I purchase ExtendedCare?
A: ExtendedCare can be purchased directly from Data ID Systems.

Q: When do I need to purchase ExtendedCare coverage for my SED products?
A: New agreements for SED products must be purchased within 90 days of original product purchase.

Q: What does ExtendedCare cover?
A: ExtendedCare coverage is available for DM, IM, TM and EHT products and covers all Epson components originally sold and/or installed by Data ID including power supplies, memory modules, hard disk drives, etc. The maintenance agreement does not cover third party parts, components or peripheral devices not sold by Data ID that are added to the product after shipment from Data ID.

Q: How do I register an order for multiple units?
A: Simply fill out the Sales and Registration form and submit a separate sheet listing all serial numbers and models you want covered under the program.

Q: How do I check for status on my registration?
A: For information on your order, contact Data ID's Enrollment Representative at (408) 371-5764.

Q: How is ExtendedCare service performed?
A: End-users are required to submit a copy of their program confirmation form when they present their product for service to the Data ID Authorized Repair Service Center.

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