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Welcome to Data ID headquarters located in Historic Down Town Campbell, California
Established in 1982

Data ID Systems is a privately held company specializing in bar code asset management for tracking fixed assets and maintaining product inventories. We serve a variety of private and public companies ranging in size from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Our clients include government agencies, educational institutions, medical facilities, financial, telecommunications, and high technology companies, to name a few. Within these organizations a broad range of fixed assets are managed including IT assets, office furniture, corporate artwork, production equipment, laboratory assets, vehicles, and consumable products stored in inventory.

Our customers are served in two areas - software products and services. Our software suite provides solutions to organizations managing tens of thousands of assets, down to a few hundred. For small businesses, TigerEYES Fixed Asset© Lite offers a robust asset management system at an economical price. Our TigerEYES Fixed Asset© Gold Edition product was designed for companies managing less than 100,000 assets with a need to proactively manage their assets to reduce unnecessary purchases.

We support our software products with an unwavering commitment to professional services. Among these is our professional consulting services, designed to assist clients in building their initial fixed asset inventory. Experienced personnel, using a process we refined while inventorying millions of assets over the past decade, conduct our trainings. Our unique, full service approach expands software training to include evaluation and recommendations for process improvements designed to assist our clients in maintaining an accurate, timely inventory for years to come. Finally, we provide comprehensive technical support, which includes continuous software improvements to ensure our customers' Fixed Asset investment will continue to be maximized, and to maintain a leadership position in the asset management arena.

Selecting the right fixed asset system for your business can be a time-consuming and nerve-racking task. Uninformed decisions can set you back hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. Understanding the process and helping you do the homework is what is we're all about.

In addition to our bar code asset management side, Data ID Systems provides solutions to customers’ automated data entry and industrial automation systems needs. Services range from supplying industry-leading products to turnkey installations and a host of integration and support services. We know it takes more than our own hardware and software to provide a solution. It takes the commitment to understand your business and data collection needs. It takes the ability to tie together all the elements critical to solving your key business problems. And it takes the expertise to integrate them with your host computer system so that they really increase your operating efficiency and lower costs.

Data ID Systems is dedicated to providing customers with top quality service, fast delivery, and the lowest prices in the marketplace. Data ID Systems is an authorized reseller for all of the largest manufacturers in the data collection industry. Data ID Systems has created a high quality, high-efficiency distribution model that results in an ability to deliver major manufacturers' products faster, more reliably and at a lower total cost than the competition. By leveraging strong relationships with the industry’s largest wholesale distributors and aggregators, Data ID Systems brings its customers the "best of the best" in terms of products, pricing, availability, configuration and installation. Utilizing industry best practices and a philosophy of total quality Data ID Systems provides its customers with a single source solution to their automation technology needs.

Throughout its history, Data ID Systems has demonstrated a strategic commitment to innovative solutions, recognizing the need to tie together all the elements critical to solving your key business problems. Our understanding your business and your data collection needs assures that you have maximum flexibility in selecting and unifying products from different manufacturers, implementing solutions that can expand your business.

As a high-volume, factory-authorized distributor, Data ID maintains inventories of equipment, as well as media, supplies, and replacement parts, offering almost immediate availability at competitive prices.

Company Profile

Data IDentification Systems is a leader in the field of automated data entry and industrial automation systems. Our products and services are used in every industry where rapid and accurate data entry and retrieval are essential. We offer a variety of customized professional services including programming, training, and installation, software for designing and printing labels, bar code readers, and inventory databases for tracking and managing bar code data.

In today's dynamic market, with its bewildering array of choices, Data ID can save you valuable time and expense in evaluating and selecting products from all the top brands, as well as in integrating and maintaining Auto ID solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Data ID Systems offers a wide variety of productivity enhancing products that utilize bar code and OCR technology. Major industries using Data ID automated data collection technology include manufacturing, logistics (warehouse/distribution and retail-backroom), government, and health care as well as other service industries. We are proud of our solution oriented network of hardware and software personnel who are dedicated to providing the best single source bar code expertise available.

For almost two decades, Data ID Systems, as a leading distributor and integrator of Auto ID products, has been helping businesses increase productivity and quality. Today, Data ID Systems supports an installed base of more than 3,000 manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and business solutions throughout the United States and Europe.

With our long standing status as an industry leader, our reputation for quality and superior customer support, and our unmatched technical expertise and resources, Data ID Systems is uniquely qualified to be your strategic choice for Auto ID solutions.

Data ID Systems has also established itself as a leading developer of innovative software products for asset tracking automation systems. If you are searching for innovative solutions, insightful assistance, rewarding employment or partnering opportunities, or additional technological resources, we invite you to explore a relationship with Data ID Systems. We believe you will be delighted by what you discover.

Data ID Systems is a member of the ESD Association, the EOS/ESD Association, the San Jose and Los Gatos Chambers of Commerce and the EAC Council.

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Palm Trees MissionOur Mission

Data ID Systems is focused on customer applications. We zero in on what you want to accomplish with automated data collection and deliver a total solution, from design to installation, to bringing the system up and training your people how to use it. With its long standing status as an industry leader, its reputation for quality and superior customer support, and its unmatched technical expertise and resources, Data ID Systems is uniquely qualified to be your strategic choice for Auto ID solutions.



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