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Falcon 320 and 325 Benefits

Key Benefits

[Bullet] While developing the new Falcon 320/325 portable data terminals, our engineers kept in mind the importance of fast, accurate scanning in demanding environments as well as the terminal operator's user preferences. The end result—the Falcon 320/325 series of portable terminals. It is rugged enough for the shop or warehouse floor, but ergonomic in design so operators can scan and enter data more easily and comfortably.
[Bullet] The Falcon 320 terminal is lightweight, has a large, easy to read screen, with large numeric keypad and an easy to use scanning trigger. The units come with 8 MB RAM standard for system operation and virtual-disk data storage. Software runs faster on the Falcon 320 series, driven by the 33 MHz 486-class processor. In addition, the Falcon 320/325 terminals are compatible with the complete Falcon family of development tools, terminal emulation, data collection and accessories.
[Bullet] Open Standards Approach A key benefit to the Falcon wireless handhelds is our open standards approach to radio LAN support. Percon's Falcon 310/315 and Falcon 320/325 portable terminals include a PC Card slot that allows you to choose the radio card of a supported Radio LANs. You won't be tied to a specific RF backbone the Falcon.

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