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Apex II

The Portable Data Collection Solution

A Flexible Cost-Effective Portable for Data-Intense Applications

Whether your application needs include factory automation, sales automation, inventory tracking, order entry or warehousing distribution, you will find the Apex II portable data collection terminal the ideal solution with its simple operation, lightweight and compact design, and ready-to-go state of operation.

The ergonomic design of the Apex II permits single-handed data collection --- leaving one hand free to manipulate items. This feature, alone, contributes to a reduction in user fatigue and leads to increased productivity.

For applications requiring bar code reading, the Apex II with either the integrated laser scanner or a tethered scanner, plus the ability to decode all popular symbologies, offers a cost effective way to maximize your productivity. Ideal for scan-intensive applications the design of the integrated scanner which positions it at a 35 angle, which allows the operator to view the display at all times.

These features along with a 4-line x 16-character display and full alphanumeric keyboard (which eliminates the need for a shift key) contribute to the enhanced throughput and user comfort of the Apex II.

The statement "Portable Data Collection" calls for the highest standard of durable construction. The Apex II is designed to withstand real-world punishment and still retain the valuable data that has been collected.

Typical Applications include:

These Intel based units with memory sizes ranging from 128K to 1MB assure the speed and power needed for today's wide range of data tracking

Available memory will increase the application effectiveness by letting the user access more file information, run multiple applications, or operate for an extended period of time at a remote site. The on-board flash memory eliminates the worry of program corruption and the need for backup.

Pre-loaded into each Apex II is Apex-Trak, a trio of easy-to-use tracking packages (Asset Inventory, Item Tracking and Physical Inventory) for immediate data collection usage. Included with the programs is the LinkMaster, a utility for easy uploading and downloading of programs and data.

Program features include user definable field names, lengths and usage. Data transmission options include uploading via RS 232 to a PC or through a Keyboard Wedge. Print drivers are included for applications requiring bar code labels to be printed in a portable environment.

For general reading, Apex-Trak even includes a simple bar code reading program, allowing for the scanning and the display of the code interpretation and symbology type.

The Apex II puts the user in control by allowing applications software to be written using a favorite program editor. The Apex II incorporates a non-proprietary BASIC interpreter, similar to the popular Microsoft BASIC interpreter. Valuable enhancements have been added to the language to give the programmer complete control of the Apex unit and the bar code reading capabilities.

BASIC gives the programmers the flexibility of a fully implemented programming language with superior execution speed, built in de-bugging features and exceptional file handling capabilities.

This optional Windows based Apex Program Generator has been designed to provide the user with the capability to visually create applications for
the Apex without the need to write program code.

The Apex Program Generator will assist the user in development and implementation of most standard data collection applications, and the
modification of existing applications.

The program includes communications routines for program and data loading and retrieval, as well as management functions for the creation of
application diskettes for distribution to the end user.

By responding to the menu-driven prompts regarding the data collection, data validation and scanning features, the program generates structured BASIC code that can be used, as is, or further modified and enhanced in a text editor.

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