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BarTender and ODBC

Print Labels Directly Out of Your Existing Database Programs

BarTender has been designed to allow cooperative interaction with other programs. Our support for ODBC (Open Database
Connectivity) and SQL (Structured Query Language) allow label data to be imported from almost any possible data source. You can
also load The Bar Tender into the background and control it from within other programs.

The ODBC Advantage

Because BarTender has been written to support ODBC, it can read label data from literally dozens of data formats, including
those shown in the expanded version of this screen. (Or, view the
Specifications and Feature Summary.)

click on image to see up close)

Controlling BarTender from within other Programs

Although Bar Tender was first released as a stand-alone labeling program, software developers and M.I.S. specialists
immediately expressed a strong interest in controlling The Bar Tender from within other applications. In response, we have
developed a feature-rich set of command parameters for optional use from within other programs. This allows for easy launch of
Bar Tender into the background, where it can stay minimized until needed. It can then be passed parameters specifying which label
designs and data to print.

The SQL Connection

SQL (for Structured Query Language) is built right into ODBC for easy, yet powerful searching through almost any data source.
Bar Tender's easy-to-use SQL front-end delivers five convenient ways to extract data:

Easy, Cost-Effective Client/Server Connectivity

ODBC drivers available for UNIX, AS/400 and other platforms allow both simple searches and complex queries of client/server
applications such as Oracle, Sybase and Informix.

The 16-bit version works with Windows 3.1x and Windows 95. The 32-bit version works with Windows 95/98/2000 and NT 4.0 and higher.

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