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Caere's Supported & Unsupported Product list

Caere Product Support offers support for all current shipping and bundled Caere software. The specific versions supported are:

OmniPage products:

OmniPage Limited Edition 4.x (Macintosh)
OmniPage Limited Edition 4.x (Windows)
OmniPage Limited Edition 5.x (Macintosh)
OmniPage Limited Edition 5.x (Windows)
OmniPage Pro 7.x (Macintosh)
OmniPage Pro 8.x (Macintosh)
OmniPage Pro 8.x (Windows)
OmniPage Pro 9.0 (Windows)
OmniPage Pro for MultiFunction Devices 8.x (Windows)
OmniPage Pro for Visioneer PaperPort 7.x (Windows)
OmniPage Wizard 1.x
OmniPage Web 1.x

OmniForm products

OmniForm 2.x (Macintosh)
OmniForm 2.x (Windows)
OmniForm 3.x (Windows)
OmniForm Filler 2.x (Windows)
OmniForm OLE Automation ToolKit (Windows)
OmniForm Internet Publisher 2.x (Windows)

PageKeeper products

PageKeeper Pro 3.x (Windows
PageKeeper Standard (Windows
PageKeeper Lite 3.x (Windows)

Recognita products

Recognita GO-CR 2.1 (Windows) Recognita Plus 1.25 (Windows)
Recognita Plus 3.0 (Windows)
Recognita Plus 4.0 (Windows)
Recognita Standard OCR 3.0/3.2 (Windows)
SmartPage 2.1 (Windows)

WordScan products

WordScan Plus 4.0

Hardware products

All Caere hardware products

Support is no longer available for versions of software earlier than those listed above. Also, support is no longer available for the following products:

Graphic Editor
Image Assistant
OmniScan hand-held scanner and software
OmniScan SE
OmniForm Jet Form Converter
Typist hand-held scanner and software
PageKeeper Reader Developer's Kit 2.x
Typist Plus Graphics hand scanner and software

Users of FaxGrabber, FaxMaster, Graphic Editor, Image Assistant, and OmniScan SE are eligible to upgrade to OmniPage Pro by calling 1-408-354-3440.

Note: You must have a flatbed or sheetfed scanner to work with OmniPage Pro (See OmniPage Pro scanner list).

Statements contained herein are Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure Statements under the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act.

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