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Datamax DMX-W-8306 - G83-00-21000007 - PRT-W8306-001 - List Price: $4995.00 - Web Price: $3879.00 - Visa, Master Card Only - Sales contact

Datamax W 8306 Printer

Datamax Introduces the NEW W-CLASS Industrial Wide-Format Printer Line... Handles Tough Printing Needs!

Consisting of the W-6208, W-6308, and W-8306 models, the W-Class line of bar code printers is equipped with a 32-bit 90-MHz Motorola Coldfire processor and 16 MB of standard memory. This provides accelerated first-label output and variable-data printing. All of the systems offer a wide range of connectivity options that support a variety of hosts including LANs and workstations. The three models are also backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry, five-years or 4 million inches on the printer which covers all parts and labor, and 1 year or 1 million linear inches on the print heads.

The W-6208 can print a 6x6 inch-wide 203 dpi image at 8 inches per second; the W-6308, a 6x4 inch wide 300 dpi image at 8 inches per second; and the W-8306, an 8.5 inch wide 300 dpi image at 6 inches per second. All of the printers are equipped with an adjustable-contrast LCD front-panel display that allows operators to select media, speed and temperature settings as well as network connectivity options. The LCD uses language prompts in either English, French, Italian, German or Spanish.


Other standard features include an adjustable-pressure printhead, a side-door window for monitoring media supply levels, and a media-sensing calibration unit that automatically adjusts the printers to handle various label sizes and types. All of the systems feature a tough all-metal chassis designed to withstand adverse work environments, making them ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.

Datamax DMX-W-8306 Printer Outstanding Features:

  • An easy to read 5 button 2x20 character LCD display
  • Wide access to the printhead for easy cleaning
  • A high output 32 bit, 90 Mhz multi-tasking processor
  • 16MB addressable DRAM
  • 300 dpi high resolution printing
  • Adjustable print head pressure
  • Optional internal rewinder can rewind a full 8" OD roll
  • 3 stage split ribbon supply hub
  • Fast 6 ips per second throughput
  • An AGFA Scalable Font Engine
  • Sturdy metal covers
  • Solid metal chassis
  • Reinforced printhead mechanism
  • High speed serial and IEEE 1284 compliant parallel ports
  • A plethora of field installable electronic and communications upgrades
  • And the best warranty in the industry: 5 years or 4 million inches

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