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How to Select Labels / Tags / Ribbons

This section is designed to help you select the correct media and ribbon combination for your labeling application. The first step in choosing media is defining the requirements of your application. Follow the steps and answer the questions below to determine your label or tag needs.
How to select label/tag print method
This breaks down into two choices: Do you want someone to print your labels for you off-site or do you want to print them in-house? There are reasons for both.
How to determine special label requirements
Do you have any special requirements you need to address with this label or tag?

For example:

How to select between labels and tags

Once you have decided whether to use labels or tags, you can select the appropriate material for your application. Keep in mind the special requirements you have listed above. Depending on these requirements, you will choose between paper or synthetic materials.

How to select the right label
What will the label be applied to? There are several factors to consider under this category.
How to select adhesive
There are several factors to consider when selecting the proper adhesive.
Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer
Direct thermal media is similar to fax paper. It is chemically treated to produce an image on the label when heat is applied from the printhead. It is an economical technique to produce labels that are not exposed to harsh environmental elements or frequent contact scanning. Also, direct thermal is not recommended if you expect to use your labels past six months.

For resistance to harsh environments, frequent scanning, and graphics appeal, the combination of film ribbon and media (Thermal Transfer) is the solution. With this technique, the printhead bonds wax or resin from the film ribbon into the surface of the media to form an image. Our label department can help you select the exact combination of film ribbon and media to meet your specific enterprise's needs.

How to match ribbon (If you are utilizing thermal transfer technology)
When you have decided on the proper media material for your application, you need to match a thermal transfer ribbon to your label stock (if you are utilizing thermal transfer technology). In most cases, you will choose between the following ribbon formulations:

At Data ID Systems, we have been providing bar coding and labeling solutions to our customers since 1981. Our customer-focused philosophy is to thoroughly understand your needs and provide you with the best product for your application.

Please fill out the following form and we will be pleased to help you. That includes a quotation, specifications and samples of the material. All the information you may need to place an order.

Credit card orders gladly are accepted!

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