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Inventory data-management software designed to maintain inventory in a variety of business environments.  This user-friendly inventory-tracking system combines state-of-the-art bar code data collection on your portable, with a sophisticated Windows-based data-management program for your PC.

Solution Software Modules

IntelliTrack data management software is designed to maintain inventory in a variety of business environments. This user-friendly inventory tracking system combines state-of-the-art bar code data collection on your portable data terminal, with a sophisticated Windows® -based inventory management program for your PC.

The IntelliTrack suite of products offers a relational database to ensure data integrity, portable bar code reader integration to maximize data collection efficiency, and bar code label printing capabilities to improve data collection accuracy.

IntelliTrack includes the following components:
IntelliTrack Inventory/Shipping/Receiving
This is the application that runs on the PC workstation to provide the warehouse manager all the tools to manage and control a warehouse operation. This includes the ability to manage inventory and orders (picks and receipts), generate bar code labels, and print reports.

By combining IntelliTrack with a PSC Falcon terminal, you create a complete low-cost, real-time warehouse management system.

With thousands of IntelliTrack installations worldwide, you can be assured of solid performance and reliability. IntelliTrack is an ideal solution for operations in manufacturing, distribution, retail, government, and healthcare.

IntelliTrack Software
IntelliTrack Batch provides you with a cost-effective and feature-rich inventory management system to meet the growing demand of warehouse management professionals.

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