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The IRISPen may be the biggest sensation in
the computer world since the mouse. As efficient as computers are, you have to key in your information first. If you've ever retyped text or figures, you know how tedious and time-consuming it can be...

So why not use the IRISPen, the revolutionary new product for every PC user? The IRISPen offers you instantaneous data input at your fingertips. Text recognition where you want it, when you want it.

The IRISPen consists of a pen-sized OCR scanner and the unique, powerful PCR text recognition technology from I.R.I.S. Slide the IRISPen over a line of text and it is entered into your Windows or Macintosh application instantly, as if it were keyed in but faster. Cut from paper, paste to Windows: can you imagine a simpler way of entering text?

Since the IRISPen connects directly to the computer's port (parallel port for PC, serial port for Macintosh) without an interface card, you have a portable OCR system, an ideal solution, even for notebook owners.
  • Pen-sized OCR scanner with unique PCR technology from I.R.I.S.
  • Direct and instantaneous text entry into any Windows or Macintosh application
  • Highly advanced features for professional applications
  • Reads all fonts of reasonable printing quality
  • Powerful learning module for degraded characters and special symbols
  • Direct connection to the computer's port --no interface card or expansion card required
  • Unique, portable OCR system
  • Ideal solution for all PC & Mac users, including notebook owners


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