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Labelview Gold

LabelView Gold 8

Teklynx LABELVIEW™ Bar Code Labeling and Integration Software - Perfectly Simple.

Whether you need to print bar codes, text, graphic images, or from databases, LABELVIEW has the features to help you design and print labels with ease. It supports over 30 bar code symbologies, TrueType fonts, and over 800 thermal and laser printers, providing the flexibility to handle all of your labeling applications - today and in the future

LabelView's newest edition (rewritten using 32 bit C++ ) is now ready for Windows NT. Shipping with the 32 bit version is our new and improved 16 bit version which contains almost every new 32 bit feature--with the exception of "longer file names". New interface design loaded with plenty of ease-of-use features. Resize and edit a group of objects. LabelView can export any label design screen to Visual Basic with one click of the mouse.

  • Run LabelView from other PC programs or host systems
  • DDE support
  • CommWatch™ links to scales & data collection systems
  • LabelSelect uses database to select right label
  • DataWatch™ uses host commands to print in background
  • Generate label production & audit report
  • Simple, yet powerful Windows interface
  • Interface walks you through object creation

Complete integration with third party software packages

For the most demanding label production & systems integration applications

LabelSelect Select a specific item, order or customer # from your database, LabelSelect automatically opens the correct label format in appropriate data fields. All without custom programming. Labels and Ribbons

Save time, eliminate errors and vendor charge - backs.

DataWatch Allows your RF, host or PC application to add records to a file, ODBC source or database. DataWatch automatically prints appropriate labels; instantly. The easiest way ever to print bar codes from Radio Frequency or batch data collection applications.

TrueType Fonts: TrueType fonts can be added to any Windows printer as well as any thermal/thermal transfer printer driver included with LabelView

Visual Basic Builder Custom 'Front End' - Visual Basic built in: LabelView can export any label design screen to Visual Basic with one click of the mouse. This automatically creates a VB 4.0/5.0 form, to simplify the process of customizing "when printed" data entry screens with enhanced logic, large boxes and more. Click PRINT to automatically send the DDE commands to LabelView - without DDE programming.

DDE Link to hundreds of applications that support Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), such as Visual Basic, Delphi, C, C++. Design custom screens, entry boxes, controls and more using the power of DDE. Faster and more efficient than ODBC links.

AS/400, UNIX, & Host Integration Printing to any bar code or windows printer from an AS/400, mainframe, UNIX or host is simple and fast. The host can send a flat file -- either fixed length, "common delimited" text, dBase, or one of several command file formats. This is ideal for batch or RF terminal applications. LabelView will then print to any printer; even different brands and models; easily add graphics or 2D bar codes that are almost impossible to generate from legacy systems.

ComWatch Configure LabelView to link to weigh scales, bar code scanners, shop-floor controllers, counters or other devices. Receive, format and use data from these sources instantly to put data into labels without keying.


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