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High Speed Thermal Transfer Printer

M-8400RV Industrial Thermal Transfer Printer

Well-known in the industry for its tough dependability, the M-8400 Series combines all metal housing, metal chassis, and advanced technologies to produce a full-featured solution that will satisfy most bar code printing applications.

The M-8400RV combines the mechanical print systems of the industry standard M-8400 printer with advanced RISC-based processor technology to deliver the benefits of the M-8400. The rugged metal chassis of the M-8400RV makes it equally at home in heavy-duty industrial applications as well as desktop bar code applications. And it's plug-and-play compatible with the M-8400 for ease of integration into existing applications.

The M-8400RV's new 32-bit high speed RISC processor provides maximum performance. It prints crisp, superior quality 203 dpi resolution images at speeds up to 10" per second on 5" wide labels that can be up to 49.2" long. High throughput is achieved even when text and graphics change. UCC/EAN 128 shipping container labels with automatic incrementing serial numbers and check digits are produced without pauses between labels.

16 popular bar code symbologies including the new 2-D codes plus 12 proportional and mono-spaced fonts are built into the M-8400RV for making labels with minimum programming and fast data transfer. TrueType® fonts can be downloaded to an M-8400RV PCMCIA Memory Card to be used as internal fonts.

The M-8400RV incorporates two PCMCIA memory expansion slots for maximum flexibility. Add up to 4Mb of additional memory to store formats, fonts, and graphics, extend the print area, or develop an unlimited library of PCMCIA cards to meet every need.

For easy communications with the host, both RS-232 serial and Centronics parallel interfaces are built in. The M-8400RV constantly monitors both interfaces, automatically accepting data from the active connection. An additional accessory port is provided for attaching a variety of external accessories for synchronization with other labeling equipment.


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