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High Resolution Thermal Transfer Printer

M-8450 Industrial Thermal Transfer Printer

SATO has redefined the price-performance threshold for high quality thermal transfer printing with the revolutionary M-8450. The M-8450 prints at an unprecedented 10" per second using a totally new 305 dot per inch print head. This intelligent print head precisely manages energy distribution for optimum print quality across a full 5" wide label.

At 305 dots per inch, the M-8450's perfect geometry print head prints Code 39 bar codes at densities up to 9.5 characters per inch. UPC and EAN barcodes at 100% of nominal. With its 305 dpi head, the M-8450 covers all applications commonly covered by other 152 or 203 dpi printers.

All bar codes and 8 human readable character sets are resident in the M-8450 including our unique, scalable vector fonts for virtually unlimited flexibility. High resolution graphics printing at 305 dpi is also standard with the M-8450.

The M-8450 uses the simple SATO Command Language. A choice of control codes ensures compatibility with a wide range of host systems. All printer parameters are selectable via the communications interface or through inputs from the control panel. RS232 serial and Centronics parallel interfaces are standard in the M-8450.

Increase the versatility of the M-8450 with your choice of options including a high capacity rewinder, an automatic label dispenser, and an internal label cutter. Automatic backfeed ensures that each label is aligned to begin printing at its leading edge.

In one compact package, SATO has created the ultimate demand printer for bar code labels and tags. Designed for true industrial applications, the M-8450 is today's answer to your labeling needs.


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