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Fixed-Projection Scanners

MS6720 - Omnidirectional hand-held/presentation scanner


Metrologic's MS6720 is the first laser bar code scanner to truly bridge the gap between omnidirectional fixed projection and hand-held scanners. With this design, Metrologic has engineered a scanner that transcends any other on the market today. The MS6720 utilizes a unique, patented infrared sensor and control scheme for handsfree projection scanning and fatigue reduced hand-held operation. Whether operators choose to present small items to the scanner or transport the lightweight scanner to bulkier items, the MS6720 is the perfect choice for many applications. The mounting stand was designed to provide an adequate distance for scanning between the scanner face and the countertop at all times. In addition, the modular construction thoughtfully includes a removable wall mount cup.

The MS6720 features both short-range and long-range activation, user-friendly programming, reliability and versatility. Operators are sure to appreciate the convenience and flexibility of the MS6720.

Key Features

MS7120 Orbittm - omnidirectional presentation/hand-held scanner

MS7120 Orbittm

Orbittm is an aggressive, omnidirectional presentation laser bar code scanner. Lightweight and rugged, Orbit is small is size but BIG in performance. Designed for applications where counter space is at a premium, Orbit is the ideal presentation scanner for retail, convenience, liquor and specialty stores. In addition, Orbit's unique, contoured shape allows it to be picked up and used as a hand-held when scanning large bulky items.

Engineered with a large, easy-to-find sweet spot, Orbit increases the first pass read rate for maximum productivity. The scanning head can be tilted vertically a full 30º for added flexibility when scanning various sized objects. These features increase the scanning throughput, without increasing Orbit's size. In order to meet the multiple application needs within the bar code scanning market, Orbit is engineered for easy programming and utilizes user-replaceable cables. Data editing or “parsing” is also a standard feature. Parsing enables the encoded information to be manipulated to meet the host system’s requirements.

Key Features

MS700i Series Laser Bar Code Projection Scanners

MS700i Series

Metrologic's MS700i Series fixed projection laser bar code scanners are operator-friendly and live up to their reputation of being aggressive and accurate. The MS700i Series scanners offer standard features such as adjustable volume, highly visible LEd indicators, and easy programming. These features, coupled with an outstanding first pass read rate, mean increased productivity while providing reliable, unbeatable value. Three models are included in the MS700i Series. MS700i ofers an omnidirectional scan pattern designed for medium to high volume retail, documentation and coupon processing, and price verification applications. MS720i is engineered with an omnidirectional scan pattern and has an extended depth of field ideal for applications including conveyor systems, time and attendance, and secured entry systems.

MS715i generates a raster scan pattern and is designed for document processing and work in process applications where the bar code is presented to the scanner in the same orientation. The raster pattern creates a more concentrated scan area and is most appropriate for scanning longer, truncated bar codes.

All models autodiscriminate among all standard bar codes. The three most popular protocols, RS-232, Light Pen Emulation, and OCIA, are incorporated into each model. Other interfaces available include Keyboard Wedge, RS-485 (IBM46XX), and Parallel.

Key Features

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