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MultiSync Series
The MultiSync Series is designed for value-driven consumers who seek high-quality display performance and reliability. With the MultiSync monitor, consumers can easily stay within their budgets and still enjoy the leading image quality that has made NEC the desktop display leader.
MultiSync A Series
For business and home users, the MultiSync Advanced Series monitors offer excellent image quality and easy-to-use features at an exceptional value. They deliver outstanding screen performance, with crisp, sharp accurate images that enable comfortable viewing of today's text-and graphics-intensive applications.
MultiSync E Series
Designed for corporate, small office and performance-driven home users, the MultiSync Enterprises Series monitors set the industry standard for screen performance, offering sharp focus and bright, color-saturated images to enhance viewing of small font sizes and complex graphics.
MultiSync M Series
The MultiSync Multimedia Series monitors offer home and business users revolutionary image quality, plus built-in sound and voice capabilities, designed expressly to meet the demands of today's applications. The need for audio and voice capability is growing due to the use of sound in interactive multimedia, voice-command and telephony applications.
MultiSync P Series
The MultiSync Professional Series monitors meet the demands of professional users with breakthrough screen performance, precise controls and excellent compatibility. They deliver what power users require -- unparalleled image quality for CAD/CAM, graphic design, desktop publishing, document imaging, pre-press and medical imaging.
MultiSync FP Series
The MultiSync Flat Professional Series incorporates the latest in CRT advancements and NEC patented circuit technologies, offering a flat screen and excellent precision for users who run graphic-intensive applications, including CAD/CAM, graphic design, animation, and web design.
MultiSync LCD Series
For users who need superior image quality in a small space, the MultiSync LCD Series monitors deliver bright, sharp screen performance in a slim, lightweight package and offer revolutionary flexibility to meet the needs of every user. Now available with Portrait/Landscape capabilities and XtraView® wide-viewing angle technology, these monitors maximize your usage options.
MultiSync IntelliBase™ Series
Whether users require fast and easy USB device connections, dynamic audio output or true Plug and Play compatibility, the MultiSync IntelliBase Series* delivers intelligent solutions for users' evolving needs.

* Compatible only with specific MultiSync brand monitors.

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