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Percon Year 2000 compliance

Products not affected by year 2000 are:

Fixed station decoders:

Handheld lasers:

CCD scanners:

Handheld portable data collectors:

Percons PT 2000 and TopGun versions up to and including the release of version 4.0 are year 2000 compliant. Developers applications, especially those that are developed under PPG and perform data-intensive calculations, will be year 2000 compliant only if the applications are conformed to year 2000 requirements. If they are not, then the applications could function incorrectly on or after January 1, 2000. Percon recommends that customers test all of their applications thoroughly.

To get your PPG application to recognize the year 2000, you can use a Portable Program Generator (PPG) subroutine to convert the system date into a four digit year. An example of such a subroutine can be obtained by calling Data ID Systems. The subroutine, called Year Convert, consists of five nodes and works as follows:

The Copy Date node copies the system date to a new register called New Date. The Verify Year node looks at the current two-digit year. It assumes that any year in the range from 51 to 99 is in the 1900s and any year in the range from 00 to 50 is in the next century. If the current year is in the range from 51 to 99, the program branches to the node Copy 19. If the year is in the range of 00 to 50, the program branches to the node Copy 20. (You can adjust the numeric ranges in the Verify Year node to match the years you need.) The nodes Copy 19 and Copy 20 copy a "19" or a "20" to the year field of the New Date register. The node Copy Year appends the current year to the end of the register New Date.After the subroutine is run, the New Date register contains the date with a four-digit year. Anytime the date is needed, it can be copied from that register rather than from the System Date register. The example code in 4digityr.exe is a copy of the Percon PPG sample3.scr file with a Date field added to the Item Quantity collection routine. In the example, the date-conversion subroutine is called each time the date is needed. This is convenient if the user will be collecting data as the year changes in the portable. If not, the conversion routing can be called once, when the collection function is selected or at some other common point in the code.

Are PT 2000 and TopGun Year 2000 compliant?

Yes (But to make your PPG applications recognize year 2000 please refer to the previous instructions written on page one.) Will there be any backward compatibility problems or functionality differences between the year 2000 compliant version and the prior versions?

If "Year 2000 compliance" was not taken into account in the original application, a new date calculation (based on the window method) could create some backward compatibility problems or functionality differences.

Is Falcon Year 2000 compliant?

Percon is pleased to announce that the Falcon DOS portable data terminals are Year 2000 compliant. Year 2000 compliant means that neither Falcon's performance nor its functionality is affected by dates prior to, during, or after year 2000. Falcon will ensure that the Year 2000 is treated correctly as a leap year.

Inventory management software:

IntelliTrack® version 3.2 (Earlier versions of IntelliTrack [3.0b or earlier] do not support the year 2000. Four-digit years (mm/dd/yyyy) may be entered if data needs to be compatible with Year 2000 systems. Date calculations will work correctly in the four-digit-year format.)

All modules of IntelliTrack version 3.2 are Year 2000 compliant.

IntelliTrack version 3.2 and all associated hardware and software as provided by Percon will accept and exchange data formats correctly.

Time Stamp Function

IntelliTrack version 3.2 and the portables supported by Percon will accept four-digit years and two-digit years. If two-digit years are entered, then the following values are used.

The displayed format of the date can be set by the user, (e.g.mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy) using the system control panel. Year 2000 is recognized as a leap year.

Earlier Versions of IntelliTrack (3.0b and Earlier)

These versions of IntelliTrack do not support Year 2000. Four-digit years (mm/ddd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy) may be entered if data needs to be compatible with Year 2000 systems. Data calculations will work correctly in the four-digit-year format.

Thank you very much for choosing Percon's products.

For inquiries or further information regarding the Year 2000 compliance, please contact the Data ID Systems Year 2000 Coordinator at: 408-354-7733.

Statements contained herein are Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure Statements under the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act.


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