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PSC Specific Product Compliance

With only a few exceptions all PSC scanner products are completely compliant with Year 2000 date processing requirements. This includes fixed, handheld, and unattended scanners for retail and commercial applications, bar code verifiers, and dimensioning systems.

Most PSC scanner products do not include a real-time clock and do not perform any date processing. Although they may be used to read dates, they pass such dates through to a host computing system with no intermediate processing. Users can be assured that the PSC scanning and verifying components of their bar code-based data collection systems will not cause Year 2000 system malfunctions.

The first Item labeled Product Class, contains the class or part number for the product or product family. This is the first two digits of the multi-digit number that specifies the product and all of its options. The line, labeled Product Model, contains the base product model identifier.

Product Class: 30

Product Description: QS6000™ Scanner

Y2K Compliance: Yes, no date processing in product

For inquiries or further information regarding the Year 2000 compliance of any PSC scanner product, please contact the Data ID Systems Year 2000 Coordinator at: 408-354-7733.

PSC has a formal plan and has set a corporate goal of having all business critical systems Year 2000 compliant before September 30, 1999. To achieve that goal, PSC has and is continuing to:

  1. Identify key systems and resources potentially affected by Year 2000 issues;
  2. Research and test our internal hardware and software systems to verify Year 2000 compliance;
  3. Request external suppliers and business partners to provide us with information concerning their Year 2000 compliance;
  4. Develop alternative strategies for continuing our operation should any of our systems fail.

Statements contained herein are Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure Statements under the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act.


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