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BUMPY BAR CODES Zero Contrast Readers

Bumpy Bar Code DiagramSummary of Bumpy Bar Code Technology

Bumpy bar codes are actually zero contrast bar codes, as opposed to normal black on white symbols. They do not depend on contrast to be read, and do not require a printed label to be applied. This means that bumpy bar codes can be embedded directly in an item. Bar coding tires and plastic parts are examples of applications for direct marking by molding. Direct marking can also be achieved by laser engraving and indent marking techniques (also known as dot matrix and dot peen engraving). Where direct marking is not appropriate, metal tags can be embossed, engraved, or laser/chem etched with a bumpy bar code symbol. Virtually any harsh environment bar coding application is a candidate for bumpy bar codes (BBC).

BBC readers can also scan normal contrast bar codes very well, and are available in three versions, depending on the X-dimension of the symbol. Bumpy and normal contrast symbols with an X-dimension as small as five (5) mils can be read. BBC readers interface to a wide variety of data collection terminals and keyboard wedges in the same way contrast scanners do.





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