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Spec 2000 Overview

Spec 2000 AirlinesEstablished and maintained by the commercial aviation industry, SPEC 2000 is a specification of standard formats to exchange information between airlines and their suppliers.

It is specifically tailored to the airline industry's needs for procurement and repair transactions for aircraft maintenance.

Data ID Systems has more than 27 types of readers and printers that comply with SPEC 2000. Meeting your SPEC 2000 bar code requirements just got easier with Data ID bar code equipment and labels.

SPEC 2000 has been adopted by the international airline community under the auspices of the Air Transport Association of America and it is recognized as the industry standard by a long list of participants around the world.

The purpose of SPEC 2000 is to provide cost effective, state-of-the-art methods which are usable by the widest possible population of companies. This global system becomes increasingly more effective as more trading partners use it.

Spec 2000 Assembly
Your company may be in the process of deciding whether, or when, to implement SPEC 2000. Time and money savings can depend upon current costs and structure of your internal administrative and operational processes. You cannot assign a tangible dollar value to the advantage of staying competitive within an industry. Sometimes you must respond to a request from a trading partner to implement an electronic ordering system.

Consider the following positive results in your analysis:

The forerunner of SPEC 2000, ATA SPEC 200, had been in use for over 40 years to exchange procurement and materiel management information between airlines and suppliers using common formats. Airlines and suppliers worldwide jointly developed SPEC 2000 under the auspices of the Air Transport Association of America (ATA), building upon SPEC 200 but introducing variable formats and up-to-date electronic and telecommunication techniques.

SPEC 2000 provides specifications for the exchange of both business and technical information between customers, manufacturers and suppliers by electronic message or magnetic media.

Accuracy of information exchanged within the airline industry can be improved by using methods other than manual keying. An alternative is machine-readable code as exemplified by bar code.

Bar code technology provides an accurate, easy, and inexpensive method of data storage and data entry for computerized information management systems. Establishment of a common set of specifications provides the basis on which to build specific requirements for the exchange of supply information. Data ID Systems has more than 27 types of
readers and printers that comply with spec 2000.


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