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SPT 1550 Pocketable Computers

Pocket-sized Productivity for People on the Move

Based on the popular Palm III™, the SPT 1550 is a powerful productivity tool, enabling users to capture and manage data with unparalleled convenience and functionality.

Manage Data at the Point of Activity

Equipped with the SPT 1550, mobile professionals in a host of industries are able to manage data anytime, anywhere. In retail the SPT 1550 enables single-handed asset tracking, inventory management and physical data collection with a tool that moves easily from the stock room to the sales floor. Healthcare providers can download patient information before rounds, and update records at bedside. Service technicians can track inventory while in the field. Salespeople are able to enter customer information, scan items from a bar-coded catalog and check downloaded price lists, all while at the customer's site. Additionally, the process of home shopping can be significantly improved with the SPT 1550. Instead of written shopping lists, consumers can scan items as they are depleted, creating an electronic shopping list. This electronic list can be used on the next shopping trip or uploaded over the phone lines to the local store for home delivery.

Tailor Applications for Your Business

Any business can tailor the adaptable SPT 1550 to boost the productivity of its mobile professionals. Because the device uses the Palm OS® Platform, programmers can build solutions using a wide selection of scan-enabled graphical development tools. Also, more than 1,000 third-party applications have been developed for the platform. The combination of development tools and applications makes it easy to find or create software for any data collection need. In addition, there are more than 50,000 developers registered to create solutions for the Palm OS® Platform. The device comes with a generous 8 MB each of RAM and flash memory. The Palm OS™ Software Development kit includes Application Programming Interfaces (API) for controlling the scanner and manipulating data input. A growing roster of software companies support the SPT product family with tools for network and database connectivity.

Easy to Operate Anywhere

The SPT 1550 was designed for convenient operation in the office or on the road. The SPT 1550 uses the state-of-the-art SE 900 scan engine, the smallest, lightest, brightest available today, for premium performance. A touch-based graphical interface, push-button controls and backlit 160 x 160-pixel display make it easy on the eyes, even outdoors or in dimly lit spaces. Two AAA batteries deliver many hours of power, and the SPT 1550 supports both single and multi-slot serial cradles for flexible host communications in most network and user environments.

Data ID's systems are critical to business success in data-intensive, time-critical environments, because our systems help you capture, access and manage information at the point of business activity. You may also be interested in the Palm-size printer for the SPT 1550.


Features Benefits
Superior ergonomics and pocket-sized design: Ideal for mobile professionals who need convenient data access at the point of activity
Developed by Symbol Technologies and Palm, Inc. Proven technology from Industry leaders
Open Palm OS® Readily available development tools including CodeWarrior, PenRight! and SatelliteForms; ask about others
Integrated SE 900 scan engine Reads bar codes in low light or outdoors
Touch input with intuitive graphical interface Easy access operation
A 160 x 160 pixel backlit display with adjustable font sizes Easy-to-read screen improves productivity and reduces eye fatigue
Physical buttons for navigation and scanning Able to access applications instantly for scan input and data verification
Graffiti® power writing technology One stroke character recognition enables fast manual data input
8 MB each of RAM and ROM Memory flexibility to accommodate application demands
Powered by 2 AAA batteries Hours of battery life so mobile workers spend their time collecting and transmitting data–not changing batteries
One-touch data Assures up-to-the-minute synchronization with data access on your SPT 1500 host or network and host system
Supports single and multi-slot serial cradles Flexible host communications for most network and user environments
Infrared port Beam records and transfer applications with other SPT 1550 and Palm III devices
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