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Keyboard Wedge/Decoder
The SCANTEAMsystem RS-232 serial ® 2010 is an economical solution for a wide range of keyboard wedge and interface requirements. It is designed to meet the functionality of other "entry level"products, but will provide the additional value of a fully programmable editor/formatter, with bar code and magnetic stripe decoding. As an added benefit, the scanner input port can accept serial RS-232 data from an external peripheral device.
The ST2010 product utilizes FLASH memory for all program and parameter storage. FLASH memory may be reprogrammed in the field by end users or integrators.
The FLASH memory in the ST2010 may be programmed using a bar code menu, or the PC utility,Quick*Load. Full ST2010 memory downloading is available using an ST2010 to ST2010 memoryprocess, or through the cloning Quick*Load utility.
The applications for the ST2010 vary from the retail POS environment to the factory floor to thelow When a office. cost, high quality wedge/decoder is required, the ST2010 offers the highestclass.product in its of any value
Features and Benefits
Bar Code Input Port
Supports wand, CCD and laser input devices to enable error free data entry through the use of bar codes.
Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Port
Supports all single, dual and triple track magnetic stripe input devices and protocols, including theAAMVA new format for drivers licenses. Increases speed of data entry and creates error free inputdata. of encoded
Welch Allyn Bar Code Decoder Software
Industry leading Welch Allyn bar code decoding is unsurpassed for speed and accuracy of dataSupports and input. autodiscriminates twelve industry standard bar codes for customer ease ofconvenience. use and
Keyboard Wedge/RS-232D Host Interfaces
Easily configured for keyboard wedge or RS-232D output. Increases the system throughput andfor the of use ease customer.
For most keyboard wedge applications, existing customer software can be run without system level changes.
Output can be customized to fit any application.
Flash Eprom /Cloning Capability
Allows easy software upgrades without the inconvenience of changing conventional PROMS. Protects and extends the customer's investment.
Data Formatting Capability
Powerful data editing and formatting capabilities reduce the need to modify customer software.
Scanner Port Can Be Used as RS-232D Input
Allows the customer to invest in only one device, regardless of whether bar code or serial data from an RS-232 device is input. Simply plug either the bar code or RS-232 input device into the ST2010 scanner port.

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