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Bar Code and Magnetic Stripe Scanners and Decoders

ADE products are mostly hardware based in order to achieve the specialty scanners necessary for ultra-high accuracy, speed, and workflow ergonomics demanded by data capture professionals. These products lessen, avoid, or eliminate keyboard data entry in applications such as remittance processing, order entry, product tracking, asset tracking, employee identification, passport reading, manufacturing item tracking, file tracking, and many other applications where single lines of text or data need to be input with over 99.997% accuracy.

Model MS241 (magnetic stripe reader)
The MS241 is the perfect Magnetic Stripe Reader tool for applications such as point of sale, access control, and self-service applications.

Model 1760 (bar code scanner and decoder)
The Model 1760 Easy Scanner® decoded laser scanner and wedge provides the speed and accuracy of laser scanning with the convenience of an integrated decoder.

Model 1921 (bar code scanner and decoder)
The MicroWedge™ is a compact reliable bar code reader that interfaces with any XT, PC, PS-2, or Macintosh computer without changes to the host software. The MicroWedge installs in seconds: it simply plugs in-line with any standard keyboard. Output, from the bar code scanned, appears as if it were typed directly into any software such as databases, spreadsheets, word processors, or custom applications.

Model 2033 Bar Code Controller (bar code decoder)
This Easy-Scanner™ is the top-of-the-line bar code wedge. It supports dual scanner input, up to 3 simultaneous tracks of magstripe data as well as controlling input from an auxiliary source such as a scale, portable download, or SPC transducer. It comes with Caere's Advanced Data Editing, interfacing via RS-232 or keyboard wedge, and a 5-year warranty. Optional display and keypad are also available for networking. It is arguably the most versatile bar code decoder on the planet.

Model 2014 (network data collection terminal)
The new Model 2014 Network Terminal from Caere is part of an RS-485 multi-drop network that offers simplicity for bar code data collection. The 2014D has a 2 x 24 character display and 20-key keypad that shifts to 54 functions. The basic Model 2014A has scanner input only and saves the cost of display and keypad. Both terminals offer dual scanner input, 3-track magnetic stripe reading, and RS-232 auxiliary device support.

Model 1731 (bar code scanner and decoder)
The best laser scanner with Caere's Easy-Scanner™ Advanced Data Editing and wedge interfacing built into the handle. The 1731's laser scans from contact to 40 inches and the unit decodes in 1/10th of a second. Very aggressive device.

Magnetic Stripe Reader (scanner)
Caere's Magnetic Stripe Readers scan credit cards and debit cards with magnetic strips. Available in combinations of one to three tracks and with or without heavy mounting bases, the Magnetic Stripe Readers are not only versatile and robust, but proven performers.

CCD Scanner (scanner)
A nice compromise in price and performance between a pen and a laser, this Charged Coupled Device (CCD) scans up to 200 times per second and reads from as far as 4 inches from the bar code. Very durable.

Bar Code Slot (bar code scanner)
Also known as a badge reader, this input device is used to scan ID badges.

Bar Code Pen (bar code scanner)
Lowest cost and most durable, these stainless steel pens come in a variety of apertures and light sensitivities so they can be used in almost any application. Must be in contact with the bar code to read.

QS-6000 Laser Scanner (bar code scanner)
The QS-6000 is a low priced, low feature, small laser that has some nice ergonomic advantages. It has a depth of field of one to twelve inches and can be used hands-free.

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