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LINEAR IMAGER 3800g Series

3800g Linear Imager


Hand Held Products, the leader in imaging technology, introduces the 3800g, their newest member of the legendary 3800 family of linear imagers. The first in a new class of 3800 linear imagers, the "g" was built to deliver top-notch, hassle-free scanning for applications in retail, warehouse, manufacturing, distribution.

The 3800g has a balance of performance, durability, ergonomics, and connectivity solutions. The first linear imager to earn the Adaptus™ Imaging Technology brand, the new 3800g is powered by Adaptus 5.0, delivering breakthrough linear imaging performance and versatility. Swift, intuitive barcode reading across a range of high and low density codes, the 3800g easily reads even damaged and poorly printed bar codes - all in a single device.

The new 3800g is the ideal choice for customers who appreciate aggressive reading performance, reliable, ergonomic design and class-leading durability value in a handheld linear reader.



The 3800g works exceptionally well in hand held scanning applications such as retail point of sale or in-store inventory. It operates from a tabletop holder in manual trigger mode, or may be placed in an adjustable stand for automated operation. The 3800g can be used indoors or outside in bright sunlight. Typical applications are retail point of sale, in-store inventory, document management, transaction processing of bar coded receipts, payment counter, outdoor sales kiosks, and reading of vehicle registrations.

Features and Benefits

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