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Linear 2D Imager


Linear Imaging

Recent advances in imaging technology have led to the development of the world's first high performance hand held linear imager. Linear imaging is defined by a bright and sharply focused aiming line, high resolution image capture, a longer working range, and extraordinary reading performance. Always on the cutting edge, developed by Welch Allyn, Data ID Systems is pleased to be the first in the industry to offer this exceptional technology.

Linear imagers are ideally suited to high volume scanning applications such as retail point of sale, inventory tracking, document management, transaction processing and vehicle registration tracking.




Why Choose a Linear Imager Over a CCD or Laser?

2D Imaging

As demand for 2-dimensional bar codes increases, Welch Allyn is proud to offer the broadest range of 2D imagers in the industry. Available in both hand held and fixed mount models, Welch Allyn IMAGETEAM products are designed to be flexible, durable and simple to use.

Two-dimensional symbologies are ideally suited to applications where large amounts of information are required at the point of scanning. Current markets for 2-dimensional products include health care, government, transportation, and manufacturing. 3800 High Performance Linear Imaging Scanner

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