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Asset Tracker
for Windows 95/98/NT
A Revolution in Asset Tracking Price
and Performance from Data ID Systems

Asset Tracker is a comprehensive asset management system that seamlessly integrates a powerful PC database with an easy to use handheld data collection device.

Symbol Technologies' SPT 1550 combines the power and accuracy of barcode scanning technology with the ease of use of the Palm III™ computing platform. Starting from this foundation we added asset inventory software on the handheld computer and integrated it with a powerful, easy to use Microsoft Access database. The result is the best performing, most competitive priced asset tracking solution in the industry.

Easy to Install
Asset Tracker makes installation a snap because it conforms to standard industry installation techniques. An InstallShield® script walks you through installation of both the PC side and the handheld software. Need to install just the SPT 1550 software on another unit? Simply beam the application via the infrared port!
Easy to Use Interface
When it's time to take an inventory, Asset Tracker makes the task fast and easy -- even for inexperienced employees. We combine time tested data collection techniques and critically acclaimed PalmPilot® ease of use in our handheld software.

On the PC, our database supports helpful features such as find, and one-touch sorting to streamline the task of working with a large number of assets.

Combine the two with the one-touch HotSync® mechanism used to transfer data between your desktop and the field for revolutionary ease of use.

Unparalleled Flexibility
It is a fact of life that different customers have different needs. Asset Tracker can accommodate your needs through its flexible program options.

Integrate with an existing asset database or use Asset Tracker on its own. A variety of import/export features give you access to your data in the format you need.

Product Features

Comprehensive Reporting
Dozens of built in reports assist you in maintaining your asset database and tracking down missing inventory. Create custom reports in minutes by attaching your own Microsoft Access database.

Meet corporate audit and regulatory requirements while saving time and money by using Asset Tracker.

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