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Data ID Inventory and Asset Management Software©
Inventory and Asset Tracking Software is a powerful tool for performing inventories using a Palm Computing platform handheld device. Inventories can be taken manually on a standard unit, such as a Palm III, and can also be taken using the built-in barcode scanner of the Symbol SPT 1550 and 1800.
  • Take single-location inventories
  • Multi-location inventories
  • Serial number inventories
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Fire Department Asset Manager Software©
Fire Department Asset Manager© allows workers to control all fixed assets, tools, and consumables in a fire department's inventory. The Asset Activity Tracking system gives you the current status of all your fixed assets by tracking the assets by location, status, and responsible party. It allows you to easily complete inventory of all fixed assets and compile reports.
  • Track pants, boots, helmets and jackets
  • Track the original location of the asset
  • Know when the equipment went into service
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Asset Tracker
Asset Tracker is a comprehensive asset management system that seamlessly integrates a powerful PC database with an easy to use handheld data collection device. Software is not the only tool you need for effective fixed asset management - but it is an important part of the solution. Data ID TigerEYES™ offers many software applications, and we can assess from our wide experience which application will suit you best.
  • Complete bar code based asset management solution
  • One touch data synchronization
  • Flexible import/export ability
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Medical Records Management Software©
Record Manager© allows workers to quickly and easily take inventories and record transfer of x-rays and medical records. Data ID Record Manager© can help you keep track of your medical records.
  • Automated processes reduce data-entry time while improving accuracy
  • Easily accessible data allows users to review asset information in the field
  • Automated data transfer between the desktop database and handheld units keeps data current on both
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Fixed Assets by IntelliTrack
The IntelliTrack Fixed Asset module provides a new, easy, and cost-effective solution for managing your assets. The IntelliTrack system uses the Microsoft Access database combined with state of the art portable bar code readers, both configured with the IntelliTrack software. No programming is required with IntelliTrack's Access database. Microsoft Access gives you the flexibility to modify reports, produce graphs from the data, perform queries, and export the data to virtually any system.
  • IntelliTrack offers the latest technology at an attractive price.
  • Quickly and easily inventory your assets.
  • Integration - a wide variety of import and export file formats in Microsoft Access allows easy integration with other systems. More.....
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