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What is a Bar Code?

More detail:

Bar code, composed of bars and spaces of varying width, provides a means of expression for human-readable characters in a form (bars and spaces) readable by machines

Black and white stripes, such as those shown below, are often seen on packages of snacks, foodstuff, and sundries stacked on supermarket shelves or convenience stores - these are known as "Bar Code". The bar code can also be found on industrial products, or on delivery request forms for home and office deliveries - their uses are wide ranging.

And in order to read the bar code, there are a wide variety of readers available, each designed for a specific purpose.

Let's take a look at a bar code in more detail:

Bar Code Structure    
Spaces, normally white, where nothing printed are required at each end of the code and they should be 10 times that of a narrow bar.
Bar code symbol
The area composed of bars and spaces is known as the "bar code symbol".
Bar code
The symbol togethre with the left and right margins make up what is called bar code.

Start character
Indicates the start of the data. Depending on code system, start character varies.
Data (message)
Area indicating the actual
Check digit
Confirms that there are no error in reading by means of one digit of compiled data
Stop character
Indicates the end of the


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