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IT3875 Interactive Cordless Linear Imager

Do you want the freedom of complete mobility with your bar code scanner? Do you want to eliminate the possibility of an operator pulling on the cable, stretching it near moving machinery and creating a safety hazard? The host computer is up to 100 feet (30 m) away, and you can’t reach the keyboard or see the screen. Imagine interacting with the host computer as if you were standing beside it.

HHP's IMAGETEAM™ 3875 Interactive Cordless Scanner is based on the popular IT3870, but with the addition of an interactive keyboard and display, you get fast, versatile data collection in a 31,400 square foot (2,919m2) area.

Designed as a cost-effective alternative to portable data terminals, the IT3875 is ready to use right out of the box, and is easily configured with just a few keystrokes. The IT3875 is available in high density, PDF or extended range configurations .

The IT3875 uses a unique, and easy-to-use scripting language - VersaCode - for fast, easy development of applications. At HHP, our scanners are not just warranted to last, but they are designed to last. The IT3875, built to endure harsh work environments, is backed with a three year warranty, the best of any scanner in its class.
Features Benefits
Dual LED Indicators View the bright, pronounced feedback from many angles. Useful in noisy environments.
Graphics Display With Backlight Display graphic icons that users can instantly recognize. Prompt the user with text in 3 sizes.
Keypad Key in alphanumeric data and Implement custom character strings using keypad macros. Features a Non-glossy protective coating for long life.
Multiple Work Groups Scanner can have multiple personalities. Change scanner configuration options and the script application simply by scanning a work group bar code.
Nine Scanners Per Base Station, Up to 20 Bases in 31,400 SQ. Feet System grows with your operation. In a large system, fewer base stations means lower cost
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