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Phaser™ P370 and P470 Scan-Intensive Cordless Data Collection
Cordless RF Scanners with Programmable Architecture

If your business applications demand cordless real-time data capture and transmission, demand the P370 and P470 RF scanners from Symbol Technologies. These high-performance cordless scanners give users the freedom to go wherever data collection is needed—up to 100 ft./30 m or more from the host system, even without direct line of sight. Real-time wireless data capture keeps loading docks, factory floors and warehouses operating at peak efficiency, enabling instant decision-making and seamless communications throughout the enterprise. Ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue in scan-intensive applications, the P370/P470 feature a top-mounted keypad and display for effortless access and increased productivity. Shipped with a free application, users can scan and transmit data, manually key in alphanumeric records, and eliminate repetitive scanning by keying in quantities right out of the box.

For added versatility, the P370/P470 offers a programmable architecture that extends functionality to deliver portable terminal-like capabilities. MCL™-Designer's intuitive graphical user interface allows even non-programmers to develop custom data management applications that harness the scanners' keypad, display and onboard computing power. Use MCL-Link communication software to connect the P370/P470 to your host. MCL-Link capabilities include real-time two-way messaging, ODBC database connectivity and the automation of frequent tasks such as monthly application upgrades.

Wireless Real-time Scanning in Any Environment

Available in two configurations, the P370/P470 deliver the cordless scanning performance users have come to expect from Symbol. Sealed to IP54 standards, the P370 is suited for extreme environments and withstands multiple 6 ft./1.8 m drops to concrete and wide temperature fluctuations. The P370 is also available in an Advanced Long Range version that reads 100 mil retroreflective symbols from as far away as 30 ft/9 m. The P470 offers identical data capture functionality for in-store uses including stockroom tasks and oversized item checkout. Both models utilize 2.4 GHz point-to-point radio frequency technology for error-free, reliable data transmission in any environment.

Easy System Integration

The P370/P470 cradle features integrated RS-232 and Synapse interfaces for connectivity to all popular hosts. The cradle serves as a holder, two-way RF transmitter and battery charging station. Both the P370 and P470 support 123Scan™. This Windows®-based Advanced Data Formatting utility enables bar coded data to be formatted before transmission to the host device, thereby ensuring compatibility with the host application. The scanners may be programmed via PC download, or by scanning bar codes generated by the utility.

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