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LS 6000 Omni-Directional Scanner Series
Superior Ergonomics and Aggressive Scanning for Higher Throughput at POS
The next step in data capture for many retail environments, the LS 6000 Omni-Directional Scanner Series combines the superior ergonomics and single-line capabilities of our small "point-and-shoot" hand-held scanners with the productivity benefits of our high-performance "can't miss-first pass" omni-directional scan pattern. The result is an aggressive, yet versatile, hand-held scanner that increases throughput at point of sale for high-volume retail applications.

Available to use as either a hand-held scanner or a presentation scanner, the LS 6000 offers a unique, ergonomic design. And, to optimize user efficiency, the LS 6000 is programmable to work in any of three operating modes, including full-time omni-directional scanning with triggered single-line scanning, triggered omni-directional scanning, or triggered single-line scanning. The user benefits with the highest level of performance from our aggressive omni-directional scanner while easily converting to a traditional single-line laser scanner for quickly reading bar code menus and pick lists, or when scanning bulky items.

LS 6000
Designed Around the User for Optimum Productivity

The small, lightweight LS 6000 Omni-Directional Scanner is a true hand-held scanner that has been specifically contoured to minimize fatigue and fit comfortably in the widest range of hand sizes. Overmolded "chin" and "foot" supports allow the unit to be easily picked up, provide added shock absorption when put down, and prevent the LS 6000 from sliding off the counter. And, despite its elegant appearance, the LS 6000 has been ruggedized to withstand multiple 4 ft/1.2 m drops to concrete.

The LS 6000 also incorporates "Scan Stitching" for superior reading regardless of bar code orientation, and has optimized laser focusing for aggressive reading performance on 100% UPC/EAN symbols from contact to 10"/25 cm. For added user convenience, the unit features a 650 nm laser diode that provides greater visibility of the scan pattern, and a programmable beeper for audible feedback of good decodes.

Summary of Features:
  • Multifunctional Omni-Directional and Single-Line Bar Code Scanning in an Easy-to-Use Hand-Held
  • Ergonomic Form Factor
  • Flash Programming
  • Synapse Connectivity
  • Scan Stitching
  • Advanced Data Formatting
  • Adjustable Volume and Frequency
  • Power from the host capable
  • Counter Mount Stand and Presentation Stand Options
  • High Visibility 650 nm Laser Diode
  • Programmable Trigger Control
  • Optional Checkpoint
  • E.A.S. Support


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