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Development and Validation

Based on the Functional Requirements and Detailed Design documents, the solution is developed, tested and validated. Using the internal milestones defined in the Planning and Design phase, the development process is self-monitoring and provides a mechanism for timely and appropriate feedback to both the development team and the client management team.

The principal deliverable of the Development and Validation phase is the tested, validated software. Periodic, scheduled development reviews are used to ensure that all deliverables adhere to the requirements specified in the Functional Requirements document and the Detailed Design document.

Data ID Systems conducts unit testing and quality assurance throughout the development process to ensure the highest quality. Once development is complete, the application is posted to a staging server where designated personnel can system test the application. This process is defined in detail in the test plan and includes testing the applications interfaces and dependencies on other system entities. Once bugs are fixed and approval is complete, the validation phase is completed.

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