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IntelliTrack Inventory TrackingIntellitrack Suite

Ideal for small to mid-sized warehouses, the IntelliTrack Inventory module effectively maintains your inventory with physical inventory and cycle counting capabilities. Powerful utilities, such as a move and edit feature, allow you to keep up with the demanding pace of a warehouse environment. Use the built-in reports and queries to monitor and manage your inventory.

No programming is required with IntelliTrack's Access database. Microsoft Access gives you the flexibility to modify reports, produce graphs from the data, perform queries, and export the data to virtually any software.

IntelliTrack's ability to print and read bar codes provides the accuracy, speed, and ease of use necessary for improved inventory control. With the fully integrated IntelliTrack system, you can begin taking your inventory within minutes. The IntelliTrack Shipping and Receiving modules can be used with the Inventory module to manage a perpetual inventory and perform quality-control functions.
  • Physical Inventory
  • Cycle Counting
  • Perpetual Inventory
  • Applications
  • Stockrooms
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • IntelliTrack is an easy-to-use Windows application.
  • Includes bar code reading and printing capability providing fast, error-free data collection.
  • 32-bit version developed in Access 97--allowing the user to make modifications easily. (Source code included!)
  • Provides everything you need to manage your inventory within minutes.
  • IntelliTrack offers the latest technology at an attractive price.
Portable Reader
Portable Data Collection
Each IntelliTrack software module includes an integrated portable data collection application for the Percon Falcon™, TopGun™, and PT 2000™ portable data terminals. Portable data collection applications allow you to perform many of the same functions found in the IntelliTrack application for your PC, such as physical inventories, moving and tracking items, and more.
Available in 32- and 16-bit Versions
To meet the needs of users working in a Windows 3.x environment, IntelliTrack is available in a 16-bit version. IntelliTrack is also available in a 32-bit version for those users who want to take advantage of Windows 95 or Windows NT® and the newer Access 2000 development environment.
Embedded Graphics
Each IntelliTrack product allows you to store a picture with an item definition. This feature allows a user to verify an item visually. This is especially helpful, for example, when a user might be checking out an unusual tool, verifying an asset, or identifying kits.


  • Quickly and easily take physical inventory, cycle count, manage a perpetual inventory (with the optional
  • Shipping & Receiving modules), or use as a stock locator.
  • Easy to use - start taking inventory within minutes.
  • Flexible - no proprietary database; create your own custom queries and reports.
  • Integration - A wide variety of import and export file formats in Access allow easy integration with other systems.
  • Accuracy - bar code data collection virtually eliminates data input errors.
  • Speed - bar code data collection speeds up the inventory process by 300% or more.
  • Low cost - uses Microsoft Access for data management rather than a propriety database.
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