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TigerEYES Mail Center Manager© Tracking Software

Internal Tracking Just Got Simpler! Utilizing the latest in mobile handheld data collection technology.

From the instant an item lands on your receiving dock to the time at which it's delivered to the final receiver, TigerEYES Mail Center Manager© is in complete control, every move along the way. No more by hand tracking or delivery - TigerEYES Mail Center Manager© allows you to record each incoming item with a scanner or portable data collector. TigerEYES Mail Center Manager© then uses that information to create a manifest used for internal deliveries. When you need a package, you need it now. The time it takes for that package to move from the mailroom to your desk is critical. TigerEYES Mail Center Manager© tracks incoming mail and packages through every stage of delivery. It's a window on the delivery process for total visibility from start to finish. And, the signature capture feature maximizes security and reinforces delivery notification. Pricing

The TigerEYES Mail Center Manager© program is designed to track packages accurately and efficiently. It coordinates data transfers between handheld units and a desktop database. It allows any operator to track any package, and oversee distribution, anywhere within your facility. Yet, it's malleable enough to accommodate the way your business presently works.

Mail and packages are assigned an internal number and tracking label when they arrive. Each piece of mail and every package is affixed with a label. The numbers are assigned to the packages as they are taken to the recipients' desks. Recipients must sign for the packages, using the pen-based computer. This computer captures the recipient's signature, as well as the date and time stamp of when the package was received. When the delivery is complete, the tracking system automatically updates the master computer and generates an accurate, up-to-the-minute report.

"The system (TigerEYES Mail Center Manager©) we at Fairplex purchased from your company has been an essential tool in our shipping and receiving department. The reason for purchasing the system is because of an influx of volume coming in. The scanning system as well as the software has been easy to use on a daily basis, and any questions that arise, tech support has been very helpful. The system has been great for providing a much more accurate method on tracking packages."
- Brock Lashock (Fairplex, Los Angeles County, California)

System Requirements

  • IBM Compatible Pentium® class or greater processor
  • Windows 98/NT/Me/2000/XP
  • Windows 9x, 16MB RAM (32MB recommended)
  • Windows NT, 32MB RAM (64MB recommended)
  • 25MB available hard drive space (50MB recommended)
  • Available serial port
  • Microsoft Access 2000 or 2002
The program allows the user to receive packages or mail by shipping company and by the original sender. If the sender information is not known, the user can enter the originating zip code and city. The user can pull entries from the unit's address book to use as destinations or manually enter a new destination. TigerEYES Mail Center Manager© will prove to be a useful tool for running an efficient and accurate department.


Here are some of the ways TigerEYES Mail Center Manager© can give you the control you need to manage your Mail Room or Shipping Department.

  • Tracking of packages by sender, shipping company, date, destination, or package ID number allows you to find packages even with limited information.
  • Bar code scanning capability allows you to enter data quickly and accurately.
  • Signature capture.
  • Data retrieval from the handheld unit's address book allows you to quickly enter common destinations.
  • Customizable user profiles allow you to restrict user access for additional security.
  • An internal database that “learns” new zip codes allows the program to automatically select the appropriate city.
  • Single-button entry of commonly used shipping companies reduces repetitive data entry.
  • Each transaction is time and date stamped for greater control of the delivery process.
  • Records all mail and parcels to a standard Access compatible database.
Examples of Reports:
  • Package Overview - This report displays a summary of packages sorted by the dates they were received, the carrier, the date the package was delivered, the package ID, and the package's current status.
  • Transaction by Date - This report displays a history of transactions sorted by date to allow you to review what each operator did each day.

Stay competitive by taking advantage of our mailing and shipping automation expertise; modernize your mail room or shipping department with TigerEYES Mail Center Manager© from Data ID Systems.
Our comprehensive, customized service and support package will enhance your productivity and tracking systems.
Our business and information experts provide:
  • business process analysis and streamlining
  • hardware and system architectural consulting and installation
  • software development expertise
  • implementation and project management knowledge
  • training for the implementation team and end-users

Using our proven methodology, Data ID Systems will help ensure your company gets the system and service it needs. Contact us today!

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