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Bar Code Printers and Labeling Systems
Bar Code Label and P.O.S. Printers
We offer a line of "on demand" printers designed to fit your particular application including Thermal and Thermal Transfer label printers. Available software enables you to graphically create label designs on a PC, or we can write a custom program to simply prompt an operator through a series of entries. In an automated application we can download data from your database to fill the fields of the label.
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Media and Supplies
Data ID Systems offers immediate availability of media and supplies for bar code label printing several manufacturers. Products include impact printer ribbons, thermal ribbons, and labels as well as other consumables. Custom labels are also available.
DataMax | Intermec | Zebra Technologies | Other Manufacturers
Bar Code Verifiers
To accurately test bar code quality, verifiers are available with a wide range of price/performance features, accessories, and options. Easy-to-use and menu-driven, these devices read and check all types of bar codes for adherence to industry standards.
Replacement Parts
Data ID Systems, a factory-authorized service organization for most manufacturers listed, maintains inventories of replacement parts for preventative and remedial maintenance.
Various Manufacturers
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