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Bar Code Scanners

Hand-Held CCD Bar Code Scanners
CCD contact scanners offer a reliable, cost-effective solution for scanning bar codes. These scanners scan faster and with less operator effort than wand devices, and at a lower cost than laser scanners.
Percon | Spectra-Physics | Symbol Technologies, Inc. | Welch Allyn
Hand-Held Laser Bar Code Scanners
Laser scanners are durable, fast and easy to use. With such features as wide-angle and long-range scanning, laser scanners offer maximum versatility, enabling you to address a wide range of applications.
Percon | Spectra-Physics | Symbol Technologies, Inc. | Welch Allyn
Fixed Mount Laser Bar Code Scanners
These products are designed to read fast moving labels in automated manufacturing applications such as printed circuit board production and component manufacturing. For hands free, omni-directional bar code scanning, fixed mount laser scanners offer fast, automatic scanning capabilities in a variety of rugged, compact designs. Data ID Systems can assist you in selecting, configuring and integrating the model(s) best suited for your applications.
Percon | Spectra-Physics | Symbol Technologies, Inc. | Sensis Corporation | Microscan | Metrologic
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)Scanners
ESD-compliant industrial bar code scanners. Their unique conductive plastic combines superior electrostatic grounding with low contamination specifically for clean manufacturing environments or use in today's ESD-sensitive electronics assembly and fabrication environments. Wherever sensitive electronic components are handled, installed, or assembled, whether in cleanrooms or on factory floors, ESD poses a threat to product quality.
Symbol Technologies, Inc. | Codestar | Welch Allyn | ESD scanners
Portable Harsh Environment Hand-Held Scanners
For harsh manufacturing environment and extreme field use reap the benefits of bumpy bar code scanners. The scanners work by illuminating the bar code target. The light displaced by the laser hitting the raised bar code is then captured by a two-dimensional CCD array that detect differences in height. To creat a three-dimensional bar code, you can mold, emboss or engrave (laser or dot peen) the bar code directly into an item durig manufacturing. Data ID Systems can answer your marking technology questions.
Sensis Corporation | Bumpy bar codes
Linear Imagers
Linear imagers are ideally suited to high volume scanning applications such as retail point of sale, inventory tracking, document management, transaction processing and vehicle registration tracking.
Welch Allyn
Decoders (Wedges)
Decoder wedges are available to connect bar code scanners to almost any Point of Sale terminal, personal computer, data terminal, or other equipment. No software changes are required to existing systems to interface these devices. A broad selection offers you maximum flexibility. Decoders are designed to seamlessly integrate barcode and magnetic stripe data capture into any application running on a wide range of data processing platforms.
Caere | Percon | Spectra-Physics | Symbol Technologies, Inc.

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